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Happy birthday!

How do you celebrate your child’s birthday?

Today, one of my four turned 4. My youngest. As much as it’s a time to celebrate the birth, it’s a time for self-reflection. As a mother – but also as a person.

With each birth, I experienced transformation. Sometimes awesome – always unexpected.

What about you? How do YOU feel on your child’s birthday, aside from the “oh my god I have 8 four year olds running wild in the yard?” of course. 😉

Games for toddlers

Games For Toddlers [List]

Games for toddlers aren’t always easy to find. I made a list of online games more than 13 years ago. For a long time I just added to the list I already had but then I started to review some as they came along. Do you have a preference for a review or just a simple link? Do you have a favorite game you’d like to share here? Let me know below. In the meantime, here is a list of games that my toddler liked this week!

At Fungooms, there’s a fun game for toddlers! I like this one more than Knowledge Adventure because there aren’t any confusing pictures that are actually ads – that my toddler clicks on and ends up elsewhere. My son really enjoys the car driving game but the others are fun, too. Just click on an icon and boom, new game for toddlers!

Over at Knowledge Adventure, they have lots of games – but I don’t know that the categories are quite right. They have some games that are too advanced for toddlers listed in the toddler category. They might be more suited to a Preschool or Kindergarten list. (Which I will be putting up this week too.)

BabyFirstTV has a game for toddlers called Games House. I’m confused but that’s okay – it’s for your toddler, not my Mensa application! 😉

Okay – there’s three games for toddlers for today. Let me know which ones you like and get on the mailing list to hear about new games when I post them.

Mostly Mommy

Mommy Bootcamp

Seriously. I have four children. Way back, 16 years ago, I knew I didn’t know what I was doing. I flapped around, trying to fly but totally preoccupied with feeling everyone else had a grasp on motherhood and they could see I didn’t.
 You know what? After all that agonizing, I knew what I was doing after all! I’m pretty sure you do too. I’m working on the last chapter of Mommy Bootcamp. It’s basically a list of resources with some personal notes along the way. Maybe you have lots of help – maybe like me, you have none. What matters is feeling good about your day, your contribution to the world – whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, cloth or disposable diapering, organic food or “regular” groceries … you are doing your best.
 Sometimes you need someone to tell you – your best IS good enough. You matter more than anything in the world to your child. And your child isn’t comparing you to other moms – that’s you. Stop. 🙂
 Your best IS GOOD ENOUGH.
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Videos Toddler and Preschoolers Like | MostlyMommies

Do your kids like videos? Videos Toddlers like aren’t always top of my own viewing list but…
Recently my two sons, 3 and 7 years old, developed a liking for YouTube videos instead of games on the iPad. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll play a good game! My 3 year old son likes monster trucks videos and these (weird?) videos where toys are wrapped in playdoh and a hand comes in and peels off the playdoh to reveal the toy.

No matter what I think of the video – they now love to do that themselves so I can put some toys in a blob of playdoh and I’m pretty much guaranteed time to start a soup stock! LOL

I’ve received a few suggestions on line – and while I have several playlists of my own, here are a few my youngest likes right now.

Play-Doh Surprises by HTB

Decorations You Can Make With Kids [Tutorial]

I don’t know if other moms are in the same boat but these days leading up to “the big day” are as much about entertaining the kids (ie. keeping them busy while you cook and wrap and all the other stuff you and I need to get done!) as Entertaining, with a capital “E”.

I am creating a list of crafts with things you have lying around the house that, once you get the ball rolling, will entertain your child – toddler and up!

This first one is from Handimania’s YouTube channel. You can make an entire garland of mini-snow hats!

Personally, I have so many scraps of yarn, if these were wearable, I’d make them for all the shelters and charities I could find. {that starts me thinking of how I can transform scraps into donatable warm clothing – post a link in the comments if you know how I can}

I’ll add the next craft tutorial in a little bit.

Mommy out

What To Do When You Have Company Coming FAST!

Oh you know, you wake up thinking “ah, I’ll get the kids to school and tidy up a bit while I look for recipes” when your phone rings. Or, in my case, you get a text. (You DO know I don’t answer phone calls, right?) All heck breaks loose. The in-laws, your own family, or some crazy kidless friend who drops in has just told you “I’m in the neighbourhood this afternoon, why don’t I drop by for coffee?”

You’ve entered the Dragon’s Den. Or Shark Tank… and you aren’t prepared!

I have a few better tips for you on my Pinterest “Organization” board but the below about sums it up… enjoy!

If you’re having trouble seeing the video below, click here to see it on Facebook. 🙂  Company’s Coming


Posted by Chris Fleming on Monday, November 9, 2015

Homemade Decongestant Cubes [Tutorial]

Hi Mommies!
Is your house currently overrun with flu and cold bugs of the two-footed kind? Mine is. Heck, I am!

I went looking for another way to get that Vapor rub goodness on to my son without the risk of him rubbing it in his eyes. Yeah, sign me up for more paranoia and freaking out!

This post Homemade Vapor Rub Shower Cubes has an easy to follow recipe with good pictures. It came out well and I say “thank you”!

Make An Aviator Hat At Home | Tutorial

I know, Halloween has come and gone for 2015. Colour me relieved!

This year my lovely 15 year-old who loves history decided she would be Amelia Aerhart for Halloween. Enter the need for an aviator cap. And goggles.

She came home with ideas though and that’s more than half the battle.
Here is the best, hands down, tutorial on making an aviator hat from craft foam. You know, that stuff you can get 3 sheets for a dollar at the craft store? Phew….

So, here we are two  days before Halloween and I think, crafty woman that I am, I’ll get away with finding a pattern for free. Usually, I’ll do that.

This time, the exact   pattern I wanted, in a material I could easily get my hands on… it could only be found here:

What social site do you spend the most time on?

I spend waaayyy more time on Pinterest and Twitter than I do on Facebook.
 I could just hang out there on Facebook and wait for Dammit Jim, I’m a Mom, not a Doctor to post her crafts with her daughter, AirBear, but she’s a busy lady and I usually head over to Pinterest to be further inspired and to figure out what I can make for dinner. Why that’s a daily event is a topic for another post.
 I go to Twitter to see what’s new. Really new. I retweet important things like product recalls and Amber alerts. Fortunately, I don’t have to do those things anywhere near as often as I get to laugh about something – in 140 characters or less!
 If I have something to say that takes more than 140 characters, I can come here. Maybe a little teaser on Facebook but really, I prefer to have control over my content.
 Not a crafty post but more of a musing. I’m curious about my fellow mommy bloggers/artists/crafters, which social media site do you hang out on the most?
 I have a reddit account, Tumblr account … heck even a MySpace account. That’s a topic for a post about online branding.
 You can comment over on Facebook, reply to the tweet or even send me a Pinterest message – enquiring minds want to know!