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Halloween is coming!

Okay – THIS is the year. The year where I finally get my act together in early…ish September and start planning Halloween. Costumes, candy, timing…

With 3 kids to consider now, it won’t be easy but with this much time, I should be able to… right?

I’m posting some links to costumes here but I need more help – got any info to share? I’m putting in links to Homemade costumes below and have included “pre fab”, arrive at your door, ready to go costumes here: (Definitely, if you’re at all crafty, scroll up or down (depending on when I got time to actually go through with the promise) for some great homemade costume ideas.)

Costumes for an 8 year old girl:
Asian princess – super cute
Cute Little Mermaid costume
Costumes for my 8 year old daughter that are age appropriate are hard to find. Even more so if I let her have TOO much say in the choice. I’m “short listing” costumes and then she can choose from the ones I’ve chosen. {please, let that work!!!} Again, I’m looking at homemade as the best response to the “tartification” of available costumes.

Costumes for a 6 year old girl:
(My 6 year old daughter is not a girly-girl so I don’t need to worry that she’ll be in something I won’t approve of – she’s more into being Spiderman or Scooby Doo but I imagine most people are looking for something at least a little girly…) As far as more feminine (but NOT inappropriate!) costumes go, I’ve found a couple:
Barbie as Mariposa
Sleeping Beauty – girls costume

Costumes for an infant boy:
You HAVE to check this one out – you won’t be sorry – it’s that funny! And, ahem, I won’t tell anyone if you make it yourself…
Best baby boy Halloween costume – promise!
Now you see what I mean, right? Maybe your guy isn’t quite as “windy” as mine but if my guy manages to be his usual gassy self while wearing that, it will all be part of the fun instead of … having to blame the dog!

Our new neighbourhood is “the” Halloween place locally. I’m already researching how to take part in the neighbourhood festivities and while I didn’t find costumes I’m interested in, I did find some amazing ideas at this site: Coolest Halloween Party Ideas – I like the Floating Ghosts idea and the Hands Floating in Blood beverage idea. The ghosts I may even try on my front lawn with an anchor of some sort. (Take helium balloons and drap a sheet over them, loosely tie the bottom of the sheet – TA DA – instant floating ghost… don’t need to store one of those inflatable jobs over the year and I think it could be super effective if you paint the sheet with some glow paint … or something!)

PB (precious boy) is waking up so I’d better get a move on if I want to eat something myself before the day is officially launched!

Homemade costume post will be up later on! Famous words… they won’t be my last!