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SpeakAZoo a fun app for toddlers! Great for potty time.

Hi mostly Mommies! 😉
I really don’t usually get an app that requires access to the microphone or asks me to set up an account. I’ve read their privacy policy and the security reasons for the account creation and I am reassured. I installed it and during one of our extended potty sitting sessions, we played Speak A Zoo. Wow!
This is one fun app with great animations that are clear. The level of interaction between app and toddler is good – he’s not just sitting and watching, there are choices to make and responses to give.
This is going on our list which is growing – see the Apps for toddlers page for a complete list where you can vote up apps you like and leave comments for other parents.
Thanks again for making the Mostly Mommies community!

Jungle Jam – online memory game for kids

Jungle Jam (at Sprout)  is a great way to help your kids practice their memory, and pattern recognition. By answering correctly you earn points, the more points the better! In this game you have five lives, for each incorrect answer you lose a life. Over all a good game to play with your kids. Because some reading is required, this one is either for playing together or for an older, K-2 aged child.