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How To Sew a Bow Tie!

No, seriously, a bow tie. A grown-up, man’s bow tie. Hubby’s new contract has a bow-tie at work day! Time to fab him up, Mommies! 🙂

Off to Pinterest I go… everything is a baby bow-tie or a baby shower bow-tie idea. Off to a good start!

I found one! Here at Sew Like My Mom she also had the task of fabbing her hubby. And, like a crafter-mom-artisan, she documented her process with awesome pictures and tips.

Since mine is a work in progress at this moment, I’ll be adding my own pictures and tips as I go along – comment below or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to be updated as this post is updated!

Step 1: choosing good fabric
Fortunately, my hubs has many ties of his own that he loves and that he has stained. Lol – is that mustard? I’m going to go through these first since the fabric is guaranteed to be one he likes! Pictures in moments…