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Quiche glorious quiche

I absolutely love making quiche again!
I went off it for years and forgot pretty much everything since my kids are often fussy eaters or at the very least, they don’t like the same things. Really though, once it came back to me, I realized how flexible they can be. The one in the picture below has cauliflower, mozzarella and ripped up pepperoni slices. Really, anything goes and because of the secret I’m about to share with you, it’s a great weeknight meal. It’s also great if you make several on Sunday and heat them up for a few night’s meals.

The crust is the big secret. This is a delicious, flaky crust and it whips up in no time at all with ingredients most of us have on hand.
2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup COLD water (I put ice cubes in during the whisking stage)
Mix flour and salt in a bowl
Separately whisk ice cold water with olive oil – you’ll see it thicken and this is good! Pour into the flour and mix with a fork until it becomes a ball of dough. Press into your quiche pan. tada! Put it in the fridge until you use it.

As I said, the quiche pictured has cauliflower (tastes amazing in quiche!), pepperoni pieces and mozzarella. I steamed the cauliflower and after it cooled a bit, I put the cauliflower and cheese into the quiche shell in the pie pan. The custard (that’s what they called the egg mixture that I pour in to bind everything together) is one that I took away from the Swiss cheese and mushroom quiche recipe from the Moosewood cookbook.
Three or four eggs, depending on your quiche pan size and fullness. I use four but I don’t end up using it all so … you’ll figure out what works for you.
4 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
3 tbsp flour
1 tsp mustard powder
Pepper and salt

These are fly by the seat of my pants directions but I haven’t had a quiche fail yet.

Let me know how these instructions work for you and I will post improvements to the recipe and/or instructions.

When the snow starts to fall

Well, that’s a crazy-making lead in!
First of all, there should be a mountain of snow outside the door of my current residence here in Montreal, Canada, and there is none. There’s been a light snowfall but it was washed away by rain – which is normal for where I’ve been for the winters of the last 15 years, British Columbia.

Secondly, I am so relieved that the snow is behind schedule as we are about to drive, with our worldly belongings, across the country – Montreal to Vancouver.
Although we have a total of six kids in our blended family, only our youngest, 7 month old DS, will be in the vehicle with my DH and me.
Thank goodness! The car battery couldn’t charge ALL of our devices for that long!
We have a wonderful vehicle for the trip and we are planning to rent a Uhaul as well. Unfortunately, when I asked them if their vehicles have winter tires, the response was a rather flippant “it’s hard to put them on and take them off but feel free to buy some yourself”. Seriously. If that is an indication of future customer service, I’m looking at alternatives. Anyone have any ideas?
We will be tweeting and blogging merrily across the country “when the snow starts to fall”! Won’t you join us?
Mostly Mommy

My holiday wish

For the holiday season of 2012, my wish is for my whole family to be together.

We have one of these modern “blended” families. It’s been a struggle for all of us (this story goes well beyond a seasonal wish) because we are geographically separated. Not just a short drive either. Three of the kids are about 5000 miles away – and one of them has been temporally separated from us in such a painful rendering, I don’t touch on that spot.

Between my husband and I, we have six children, with 5 parents. I’m so grateful for the time we spend together but it’s been piecemeal so…

In my holiday wish, we are all in the same place at the same time, enjoying the emotional wealth that our big family affords.

Is Santa/the universe listening? I think he/it is.

Towards that end, the MostlyMommies family is about to embark on a cross-country journey. Join us! And please – seriously – keep an eye on us as we drive because it’s winter and … well, it’s cold, snowy and just a little scary!!!

Mostly Mommy

Food my kid will like! Shepherds Pie with a Christmas twist

Wow! That’s what I’ll say about this meal.
Then I will say – ALL of the kids and adults at the table ate until we could eat no more.
THEN I will say I got them to eat peas, broccoli, corn, potatoes, beef, pork and turkey. All of that, all of them.
And hopefully none of them read this and find out. 😉 Our secret.
Ground meats – take your pick, I used all of them. A package of the meatloaf ground meats and then a package of ground turkey.
I made a 9 x 13 inch baking dish sized meal and used a total of about 2.5 lbs or 1.25 kgs of meat.
Correct me in the comments if I’m wrong about that approximate conversion.
Two cans of niblet corn
Two cans of peas
Two stalks of broccoli – cut off the tops. Save stalks for soup stock maybe? I do.
About 6 med potatoes, skins on
Start by browning the meat mixture. I threw in some Worcestershire sauce while browning it. Mmm… and some Herbamare.
I have a 7 month old so I do things when I can, sporadically throughout the day. 10am – brown meats for tonight’s dinner! Hahahah!

After browning it, I put it in the baking dish and into the fridge. Off I go to mash some bananas and play baby sign language games…
Okay. Baby is napping. 2 pm. Boil potatoes and drain them once cooked. I cut them into quarters and boiled them for about 15-20 minutes. Poke ’em with a fork to test!

I didn’t want to wait for more water to boil so I drained the water into another pot and threw the broccoli in on boil for about 6-8 minutes. Normally I like broccoli with a bit of crunch but we want to mash it in with the potatoes.

Now toss the broccoli and the two cans of peas (drained) and the potatoes into one pot and mash them up! Add some butter and a little milk as you go along to get the texture you like for your smashy foods! Creamy or chunky mashed potatoes? Yum, yes to both!!!

Oh my goodness, does that not look amazing?
Grab the baking dish with the meat from the fridge and put a layer of corn on top of the meat.

(Those turkey chunks stayed bigger than most ground meat but added such a great texture and flavour!)
Now spread the mashed mixture over top!
I’ve made the mashed mixture before and it is very popular (Thank you, Jamie Oliver – see here for his original recipe) with my whole family. It spreads jut like the mashed potatoes onto shepherds pie so yay for that! And I always make little peaks that brown off nicely – because it’s green and because Christmas is coming – I made the peaks in Christmas tree shapes. Awww…

Here is what it looks like from the side:

Now it goes into the oven set to 375 degrees, about 45 minutes before you plan to be eating. I covered it with foil for the first 25 minutes and then the last 15 minutes without foil, I turned it up to about 425 degrees to crisp the top layer a bit. See?

Yummy! And, as promised lots of green veggies, lots of proteins and no complaints!
Mostly Mommy

Homemade pretzels!

As always, I started from something on Pinterest. (Click here for original recipe I am, working from.)
I love pretzels. I can’t remember the last time I had them. It never occurred to me to make them myself so when I saw this recipe and it looked easy I thought why not? If the kids like them even better but at least I’ll probably like them.

The dough was really easy to make. I was surprised when it rose so much so quickly. I have always had yeast-fear… You know, expecting it not to rise. I also remember when my mom let me eat raw dough and it rose in my stomach – that did NOT end well for anyone!

Magic dessert with one healthy ingredient

Okay this does not even count as a recipe since it really only has the one magic ingredient. Anything I add after that is just the cherry on top… Hmmm, come to think of it, I think I’ll try cherry sometime!
It really is as easy as this.

Bananas and the love thereof are on some kind of revolving door in my family. If I don’t buy them, I hear “why don’t we have any” and then when I do, I end up with a bunch of brown spotted bananas – with an occasional fruit fly for good measure. Now I don’t. It isn’t quite as simple as throwing them in the freezer for banana bread but the results are easier than making bread! SLICE the bananas and out them into a container in the freezer. That’s it. When you have a bunch (hahahahah) or are craving some ice cream-like deliciousness, take out your container of now-frozen banana slices.
Now the fun part.

Into the blender with the slices – depending on how many you have you may want to add them gradually or if you only have two bananas’ worth, all at once! They are going to bounce around and make a frightful noise! That’s why slices work better. You will have to scrape the sides a couple of times. No shortcuts! The miracle is about to occur in front of your very eyes.

Ice cream.
Did you see it? All of a sudden it becomes this smooth mass of ice cream! For some, that’s where it ends and believe me it is delicious as-is.
Here are some ideas for additions:

Peanut butter!!


How about chocolate chips – or syrup?
After you’re done adding or not, put it back into a container and into the freezer for a couple of hours. Hurray! Healthy ice cream for all. That way you can pair it with something a little more sinful and still not suffer the full effects. Enjoy!

Diaper shortage – where can I get the best prices on diapers now?

There I was, changing a diaper and watching the presidential debate, when I read the tweet that struck fear into my heart like so many mommies around the world – “disposable diaper shortage likely, stockpiling underway”.
Stockpiling? Diapers? A diaper shortage crisis??

A fatal explosion at a factory that makes the super-absorbent particles I often find on my son’s bum has left the world wondering how to cover their behinds, pun intended. Check out this article at BabyCenter:

Sure enough, I checked Walmart where I order my huge box of diapers and it arrives at my door without my being led through aisles of “I didn’t know I needed that until I saw it” baby items. Sure enough… The diapers that were $50 earlier this week (!!) are now $65. And there is no way the effect was felt THAT fast so tsk-tsk Walmart for hiking up the price, knowing parents were running for their wallets, screaming “oh my god, what if I have to switch to cloth?!?”

So, I tried my other source of free shipping diapers, at Guess what? $50 still! AND I joined the baby club there so $45!
I liked it so much, I’m giving the MostlyMommies readers this free $10 off $40 coupon code to use on their site. If you enter this coupon code in your cart, you will get $10 off your $40 purchase (buy diapers!) and the kind people at will give me $10 off my next $40 purchase too! It’s all win-win-win today so here is the coupon code and I really recommend you take advantage before diaper prices change legitimately – they also have great prices on the rest of your family’s pharmacy and baby gear needs.
Coupon code: MostlyMommies

Instagram, Facebook Page, blog – what’s next?

Well, there is the MostlyMommies’ Twitter account too. If people decide to follow, I’ll add the games and apps links for toddlers there as well. Right now though, I am excited about the addition of an Instagram feed on our homepage, games page and blog. I have set it up to show the hashtag #mostlymommies so that Mommies on Instagram (there are lots of us!) can see their baby and toddler pictures on the MostlyMommies website!

How cool is that? You can show your baby their own picture – on the MostlyMommies website! Then find a game you both enjoy or visit the blog for more crafty and fun ideas.

Of course, it will have to be removed or moderated at least if it is abused so let’s enjoy it!

Mostly Mommy

Cardboard stackers! A craft you can actually play with after you’re done crafting!

Okay, any age kid will enjoy making the craft, with different skill levels totally adaptable by mommy! And then … Drum roll … Any age kid will enjoy playing with the result! These little stackers can be made in varying sizes and colors. They can be used simply as building blocks (sort of) or, I just imagined some sort of Star Trek-style 3D Tic-Tac-Toe! Use the colors to make that one work or come up with your own game and that’ll be part of the fun! Thanks for this great craft post goes to… Meaningful Mama

Meaningful Mama: Day #161 Cardboard Stackers