Decorations You Can Make With Kids [Tutorial]

I don’t know if other moms are in the same boat but these days leading up to “the big day” are as much about entertaining the kids (ie. keeping them busy while you cook and wrap and all the other stuff you and I need to get done!) as Entertaining, with a capital “E”.

I am creating a list of crafts with things you have lying around the house that, once you get the ball rolling, will entertain your child – toddler and up!

This first one is from Handimania’s YouTube channel. You can make an entire garland of mini-snow hats!

Personally, I have so many scraps of yarn, if these were wearable, I’d make them for all the shelters and charities I could find. {that starts me thinking of how I can transform scraps into donatable warm clothing – post a link in the comments if you know how I can}

I’ll add the next craft tutorial in a little bit.

Mommy out

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