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Games For Toddlers [List]

Games for toddlers aren’t always easy to find. I made a list of online games more than 13 years ago. For a long time I just added to the list I already had but then I started to review some as they came along. Do you have a preference for a review or just a simple link? Do you have a favorite game you’d like to share here? Let me know below. In the meantime, here is a list of games that my toddler liked this week!

At Fungooms, there’s a fun game for toddlers! I like this one more than Knowledge Adventure because there aren’t any confusing pictures that are actually ads – that my toddler clicks on and ends up elsewhere. My son really enjoys the car driving game but the others are fun, too. Just click on an icon and boom, new game for toddlers!

Over at Knowledge Adventure, they have lots of games – but I don’t know that the categories are quite right. They have some games that are too advanced for toddlers listed in the toddler category. They might be more suited to a Preschool or Kindergarten list. (Which I will be putting up this week too.)

BabyFirstTV has a game for toddlers called Games House. I’m confused but that’s okay – it’s for your toddler, not my Mensa application! 😉

Okay – there’s three games for toddlers for today. Let me know which ones you like and get on the mailing list to hear about new games when I post them.

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