Great apps for toddlers and preschoolers May 2014

Hello! Still in the process of transferring the information from our older (but well-loved if my ability to read web statistics is correct) website to our new WordPress / Community based layout.
What better time to stop and share with you what apps my toddler is enjoying the most right now. I have set up parental controls and limit his access and the apps chosen have been based on two things: educational appeal (to both him and myself!) and price. I can’t be ordering any $10 children’s apps that don’t work for all 6 of our kids. You read that right!

(Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation from any products here, these are really my opinions!)

I use an app to tell me when apps are free or on sale. Everyday lots of apps are put on sale to generate interest or to encourage in-app purchases. In another post I’ll tell you about the app finder apps I use!

I always test them out before he does, that’s a no-brainer. But here’s something a little shady. I downloaded one that was so fun! We both enjoyed the colors and interactions. I felt fine setting him up with it while I got dinner on. I was doing just that after updating my apps the other day and lo and behold, it’s just terrible. Really bad. Every time my boy clicks a button, an ad pops up. We are a pretty technically inclined family so my two year old knows to “push x” to get out. But it is intrusive and I’ve noticed advertisers are using new, non-“x” functions like having to choose between the small font, grey button “No thanks” and the LARGE font, green button “Check it out!” So check them when you install them and when you allow them to update. What they mean by “bug fixes” may not be what you think.

First on my list is Endless Reader. Right now it costs more than it does when I grabbed it on sale. I downloaded the free version which gives you a very good idea of what you’re getting. When I saw the upgrade go on sale at 0.99 cents, I grabbed it. He loves it! So do I. No ads. He knows the alphabet and this is a great way to expose him to how it’s used.
The entire series is pretty entertaining and educational.
The other two we use are:
Endless Alphabet
Endless Numbers

This one adheres to my privacy rules and is both engaging and restful as a calming time app.
Goodnight Safari

Enjoy and I’ll post more later on!

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