Make An Aviator Hat At Home | Tutorial

I know, Halloween has come and gone for 2015. Colour me relieved!

This year my lovely 15 year-old who loves history decided she would be Amelia Aerhart for Halloween. Enter the need for an aviator cap. And goggles.

She came home with ideas though and that’s more than half the battle.
Here is the best, hands down, tutorial on making an aviator hat from craft foam. You know, that stuff you can get 3 sheets for a dollar at the craft store? Phew….

So, here we are two  days before Halloween and I think, crafty woman that I am, I’ll get away with finding a pattern for free. Usually, I’ll do that.

This time, the exact   pattern I wanted, in a material I could easily get my hands on… it could only be found here:

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