Mommy Bootcamp

Seriously. I have four children. Way back, 16 years ago, I knew I didn’t know what I was doing. I flapped around, trying to fly but totally preoccupied with feeling everyone else had a grasp on motherhood and they could see I didn’t.
 You know what? After all that agonizing, I knew what I was doing after all! I’m pretty sure you do too. I’m working on the last chapter of Mommy Bootcamp. It’s basically a list of resources with some personal notes along the way. Maybe you have lots of help – maybe like me, you have none. What matters is feeling good about your day, your contribution to the world – whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, cloth or disposable diapering, organic food or “regular” groceries … you are doing your best.
 Sometimes you need someone to tell you – your best IS good enough. You matter more than anything in the world to your child. And your child isn’t comparing you to other moms – that’s you. Stop. 🙂
 Your best IS GOOD ENOUGH.
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