Rainbow cake! A special birthday cake for a wonderful daughter.

Check out this birthday cake I made!
I did originally see this idea on Pinterest but much to my surprise when I went to make it … It was only pictures, no recipe. And I saw cola in the picture – does anyone know if you can use cola in a cake recipe? I don’t. Hahaha … Here is the original Pinterest post so that the original idea creator gets credit.

Since I had no recipe to work with, I just followed Betty’s instructions. You know… Betty Crocker? Lol! Are those not the cutest measuring cups?
I used a white cake mix and after making the batter according to the instructions, I separated it into 6 bowls. I know the rainbow is 7 but I couldn’t futz around with the difference between indigo and violet – purple people, it’s a colour! 🙂

Once it was separated, I coloured each bowl of batter with food colouring. Mmmmmm. Funny, last night my daughter told me the way to remember the order of the rainbow – “Roy G Biv” red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet”. Phew. Keep in mind I melded the indigo and violet… So the four basic food colourings were fine and I mixed yellow and red to make orange and red and blue to make purple.

Don’t those bowls of batter look amazing?
After the colours are ready, take a spoon and put an equal amount into each cake pan. I didn’t have the two round cake pans so I used three heart shaped ones. It was two large spoon scoops per pan in my case. So, two scoops of red into each pan… Then on top of that, two scoops of orange, then on top of that two yellow spoonfuls… It starts to spread out.

After I had emptied each bowl into the pans in their order, I tapped the pans to flatten the batter.

Since I used three pans I kept them in a little less time, monitoring it as I went – somewhere between the 18 minutes for cupcakes and the 25 minutes for two cake pans. And voila! Cool for ten minutes and then pop them out to cool completely before icing.

I have this awesome cake leveller that I saw at the dollar store. My husband loves kitchen gadgets and has always made cakes so I bought it. Today I will use it! Hahaha. The original recipe called for white icing but my daughter is a chocolate fan so… Chocolate icing it is! I will post the picture with icing after but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you!

Alright it is now the morning after the birthday celebration and I can post some “finished product” pictures so you can see exactly how fabulous this turned out!
I think next time I will try two or three colours and do stripes because the rainbow effect was a little lost in the three layers. But I will definitely be doing this for future cakes of all sorts – school bake sales lookout!!

Yes, it’s a cheese knife but this way I don’t need to remind everyone to smile for the camera! 😉

Love the colours!

One thought on “Rainbow cake! A special birthday cake for a wonderful daughter.

  1. Now this is a cute cake. I love making cut cakes beuasce I don’t have storage room for more shaped pans. I bought a copy of Betty Crocker’s “New Cake Decorating” years ago and it’s my standby for kids’ cakes. All cut cake designs. Thanks for this!

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