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How To Sew a Bow Tie!

No, seriously, a bow tie. A grown-up, man’s bow tie. Hubby’s new contract has a bow-tie at work day! Time to fab him up, Mommies! 🙂

Off to Pinterest I go… everything is a baby bow-tie or a baby shower bow-tie idea. Off to a good start!

I found one! Here at Sew Like My Mom she also had the task of fabbing her hubby. And, like a crafter-mom-artisan, she documented her process with awesome pictures and tips.

Since mine is a work in progress at this moment, I’ll be adding my own pictures and tips as I go along – comment below or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to be updated as this post is updated!

Step 1: choosing good fabric
Fortunately, my hubs has many ties of his own that he loves and that he has stained. Lol – is that mustard? I’m going to go through these first since the fabric is guaranteed to be one he likes! Pictures in moments…

Lucy Ball – Artisan, Mommy and all around good people.

You may know her already as the creative force here at My Life As Lucille.

I’ve “known” her for about a year. She is one of those fabulously complex people no one can ever know completely – that and, oh yeah, I met her through Twitter and wouldn’t recognize her if she walked by me on the street.

It’s amusing to me how her creations and my own cross paths and intersect but are never anything alike.

Her latest line, this super cool typewriter key jewelry, is charming (pun intended) and you have your own input as well as the artist’s. Ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Ever want something that you know the true meaning of but it’s not so “out there” that no one else enjoys the unique quality?

This is your chance.

Her etsy store, for your perusing and purchasing pleasure is here: My Life As Lucille

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Update: still lovin’ the heck out of you!