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The MostlyMommies approach to online promotion and networking

Hi Mommies!

Here is a question for you – do you know when I launched MostlyMommies? 2001! That’s right, the site is now over 13 years old. I know because my oldest daughter, who I first created the games page for, is over 14 now! Yikes. Times drags, time flies.

There’s an internet history site and I looked at my first attempts at creating the site and the community. I learned so much then and I’m still learning. My goal has never changed. I want to promote my crafty endeavors, other Mommies’ creations and, continue to do what most of the moms who arrive here are looking for – finding and reviewing the best online educational games, websites and apps for toddlers, preschoolers and kids. At anytime, if you’re here browsing the site and your wee one jumps up on you wanting entertainment, click on the Games link and you’re sure to find something fun and educational to play.

I’m developing the site’s other goal of networking and co-promoting each other. I am happy to feature other mom’s work here and in return, they contribute to the community by teaching, sharing or even letting me know about games I can add to the kids’ section. What do you think? Maybe a points system where your page is promoted for a certain number of points and points are earned by posting resources for other moms?

I have a new Mommy friend that I met, collaborating online, and I will be featuring her creations first. Who is next?