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Games Online for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I wrote this game for my oldest daughter, when she was 14 months old. Can you imagine she is 15 years old now?
How to Teach my Toddler to Use a Mouse – enjoy! Drop me a line if you have improvements you’d like to see.

The Fisher Price Online site offers an area of Toddler Games Online. The games are highly engaging and make noises that all of my kids loved.

Storyplace – The Children’s Digital Library allows you to read an online book, play a matching online game, print off a “take home” activity and much more. Really fun!

Want some awesome free downloadable Children’s Music? Head on over to Kids Music by Marcie. Fun and playful music for your little kids.

Paint Like Jackson Pollock the screen opens blank white but every move of the mouse dribbles paint on your screen. Click to change colors. (Flash page)




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