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Do your kids like videos? Videos Toddlers like aren’t always top of my own viewing list but…
Recently my two sons, 3 and 7 years old, developed a liking for YouTube videos instead of games on the iPad. Don’t get me wrong, they’ll play a good game! My 3 year old son likes monster trucks videos and these (weird?) videos where toys are wrapped in playdoh and a hand comes in and peels off the playdoh to reveal the toy.

No matter what I think of the video – they now love to do that themselves so I can put some toys in a blob of playdoh and I’m pretty much guaranteed time to start a soup stock! LOL

I’ve received a few suggestions on line – and while I have several playlists of my own, here are a few my youngest likes right now.

Play-Doh Surprises by HTB

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