What social site do you spend the most time on?

I spend waaayyy more time on Pinterest and Twitter than I do on Facebook.
 I could just hang out there on Facebook and wait for Dammit Jim, I’m a Mom, not a Doctor to post her crafts with her daughter, AirBear, but she’s a busy lady and I usually head over to Pinterest to be further inspired and to figure out what I can make for dinner. Why that’s a daily event is a topic for another post.
 I go to Twitter to see what’s new. Really new. I retweet important things like product recalls and Amber alerts. Fortunately, I don’t have to do those things anywhere near as often as I get to laugh about something – in 140 characters or less!
 If I have something to say that takes more than 140 characters, I can come here. Maybe a little teaser on Facebook but really, I prefer to have control over my content.
 Not a crafty post but more of a musing. I’m curious about my fellow mommy bloggers/artists/crafters, which social media site do you hang out on the most?
 I have a reddit account, Tumblr account … heck even a MySpace account. That’s a topic for a post about online branding.
 You can comment over on Facebook, reply to the tweet or even send me a Pinterest message – enquiring minds want to know!

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