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My husband and a mover-guy are in the balcony, lowering our sofa down to the ground from the second floor. It’s the first snow storm of the year and everything is covered in snow! Not to mention, our flat (apartment) is the second floor of a heritage house here and the floors are slanty … Seriously slanty. Anything round, including the wheels on our son’s high chair, will roll to the middle of the house. (Unfortunately, “anything” also includes cat vomit … Ewww)
So it’s very dicey right now, with two men and a large leather couch that came in by the balcony but during less inclement weather, on a balcony seemingly designed to dump you off into the street. I’m just trying to stay out of the way and entertain the baby … I want to be involved but there’s barely enough room for one person, never mind three!
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But – here is a picture I took from our window this morning, showing what we woke up to, having decided today was packing the Uhaul day and tomorrow is the drive out of town day.

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